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2NE1 and so-called Japanese debut failure

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Well, I've just found this issue after constant browsing Google and Bing.com.

Before I proceed to my rants proper, lemme' share to you a particular Allkpop write-up about the 2NE1 japanese failure:

2NE1 comes up short in the Japanese market, but why?
by mashimello on March 28, 2011 at 8:54 am ALLKPOP

Many Korean idols have successfully moved into the Japanese music market, and some have even dominated the Oricon Charts. However, when it comes to doing just that, it seems like 2NE1 has a long way to go.

It has come to a surprise to many that 2NE1’s recent move into the Japanese music industry has proved to be anything but successful. Although this fierce quartet is considered to be one of the best idol groups in Korea, their advancement into Japan disappointed – their album, ‘2NE1‘, which was released in Japan on March 16th, reached only #18 on the Daily Rankings; on the Weekly Rankings, it fell to #24.

Some are speculating that this disappointment may be a result from the recent earthquake in Japan, as 2NE1 was supposed to make an appearance on Asahi TV’s “Music Station” on the 11th to promote their album. However, on that same day, the earthquake hit the Tohoku province, leading 2NE1 to cancel their schedule and return home, back to Korea.

Although the tragedy may have played a role in 2NE1’s slump, it fails to wholly explain their disappointment in Japan, as B2ST sold over 10,000 copies of their newly released album on the same day. In addition, B2ST reached #2 on the Daily Charts, while Ryu Shi Won snatched #3.

As a result of 2NE1’s “failure” in the Japanese music market, the media has already started to analyze the cause of their lack of success, as well as the direction of the Hallyu wave. Although certain media outlets have labeled the ‘2NE1′ album as a failure, others have defended the girls’ album. Moreover, situations like these can have an adverse effect on the Hallyu wave.

After the success of the drama “Winter Sonata” in 2002, actors Bae Yong Joon, Ryu Shi Won, Lee Byung Hyun, and others sparked the Hallyu wave. Since their success in the Japanese market, countless other stars attempted to do the same, as they saw the Hallyu wave as a simple means of making money. As a result, the Hallyu market became deranged in concept; these days, the term ‘Hallyu star’ is used so often that it doesn’t hold the same lustre anymore.

Taking 2NE1’s recent failure into mind, the Hallyu wave should be analyzed more critically so that it may once again spread far and wide.

My take:

Well, even if Ryu Shiwon and B2ST were able to hit #2 and #3 in Oricon charts, you cannot expect 2NE1 to be on the same situation like the two artists did.

Please remember that 2NE1 made their debut around 6 days prior to earthquake. There are some speculations that, due to earthquake, YG limited the production of 2NE1 album, which could be a possiblity. Another aspect is, they debuted thru Avex. For those who aren't aware about Avex, Avex Productions does not tend to invest much on artist's debut in Japan, especially foreign artist. To succeed in market and to make Avex invest further, you have to work yer ass off to stardom. Avex's artists have gone thru that. DBSK and BoA even handed leaflets, danced and sang their asses in Supermarket stairs and streets etc...etc... If you won't do your part, you will be forgotten by the market.

2NE1 should not be heavily critized on this failure. There was a girlgroup before them who even debuted in the same company, and never made it to Oricon charts, which was CSJH the Grace. If you want to rant at 2NE1 as a mark of Hallyu wave failure, then you should have panned that to artists before them who failed to make it to Oricon Top 10 in the first place.

However, even if 2NE1 debut under Universal Music Japan, same thing might happen as well. Besides, who would be in a right mind to increase the production of album to a country struck by a disaster? Only INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE would do that. Japan has incurred a billion-dollar damage after the earthquake/tsunami, thousands of people died from the disaster, their people will need a physical/psychological/emotional and financial recovery. It's not good shoving your products/services to other peoples' throats in the light of disaster. Halting promotions would be good, and that will be considerate on your part.

If YG might have done that, that would be more understandable. Hope you also take the same cue as with mine.

If have a question to other fanclubs, especially S♥nes, Hottests etc..etc..:

What if SNSD promoted few days before the disaster? What if 2PM promoted few days before the disaster? I won't believe they will rake bajillions of won/yen on album/digital sales. If they did, someone inconsiderate must be behind this, and that person should be doomed. No exaggeration intended, but please let Japanese people have a total recovery first before they can start buying your albums. Plain and simple.

I am currently laughing at Korean media (correct me if I am wrong at this part) for heavily critizing the group and blaming the group for possible Hallyu failure. I am feeling this way NOT BECAUSE I AM A BUTTHURT BLACKJACK. Yeah, I am a 2NE1 supporter, I won't deny that. I am not hurt if they do not succeed in Japan, to think Japanese market is the 2nd biggest in the world next to US. What matters most is, they become popular thru their music, not at how delectable they are (e.g. beautiful legs) in the eyes of fans. After all, you are in a music industry, it's your responsibility to make yourself popular thru their music. Image is secondary. If you would be popular at how beautiful your body is, you should have debuted to AV industry in the first place.

AKB48 and SDN48 were, somehow, might qualify as semi-pornstars, but if they became famous, it's not because mainly on beautiful body parts.

I can't help accusing Korean media and other fans how inconsiderate they are at putting the disaster thing aside. Disaster not a valid reason? Fuck it! Kung may isang artista na kumita at the height of calamity, well, simple lang: PADDING LANG IYAN!

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