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PPLIC and their shenanigans

PPLIC stands for Phil. Prudential Life Insurance Company. If you walk on the 5th floor of SM Megamall, they used to be known as DANVIL Plans and years prior... Family First.


[Note: What I'll be posting are the articles posted about the said company written in 3 different blogs. Allow me to write my own POV later on]

from http://www.himantayon-cagayan.info/2010/10/14/beware-of-the-vulture-agents-of-pplic-philippine-prudential-life-insurance-co-inc/


Here’s the ABS-CBN’s XXX episode with under cover video about the PPLIC - Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., Inc. Modus Operandi at the malls.

What was being told and shown on this video was perfectly the same scenario to what I have experienced with the PPLIC here in Cagayan de Oro, particularly in Limketkai Mall. So be very careful with this people.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Are you familiar of those people at the mall wearing formal wear (Long sleeves with necktie, slacks pants black shoes for men, and blouse and skirts or slacks for ladies)? They usually annoyingly approach you with a smile and jolly face asking if you already have credit cards and when you say yes, they will say they have this promo that could make you a winner of a Brand New Honda City or Cash with the amount of 888,888.00 pesos or even a 10,000 USD and a trip for two to Macau. You can avail the promo for free and they won’t even let you spend a single centavo. I have been asked for the nth time by those people everytime I went to the mall and I usually said no before they could finished their first opening lines.

This afternoon, I went to Limketkai Mall out of boredom from working online at home. So, to unwind myself I just went there to relax, unwind, eat or drink coffee or whatever, I even texted few of my friends and asked them if they are also at the mall so I can join them. While I was criss-crossing at the mall from one shop to another there’s this guy approached me and asked if I have a credit card, but since I was alone and have nothing much to do during that time, I entertained him and said yes but I am not interested. Suddenly, he held me on my arm and talk a lot and since I wasn’t doing anything or I am not really in a hurry, I tried not to be so rude so I listened and the last thing I know I am already laughing with them and I don’t know why they already have my full attention. Its sales talk I think.

So here’s what happened, they let me fill up my name, address and other information and from time to time while I am still filling-up information on the sheet, they keep on talking about those beautiful prizes, the car and how can I have them for free by just listening to them. So, in short they really convinced me to listen more. After filling-up the sheet, they invited me to go with them at their office located at the 5th Floor at the Gateway Tower of Limketkai Center where I can play a game that will surely make me a winner, drop off my raffle stub and claim my gift. They really treat you so special and very winner on your way to the location because they will fetch you from the mall to their office on a Company Van, so you would really think it is serious and wouldn’t think this is something a scam or just a small promo or something. Because while you are on board inside the van on your way to their office, they will talk a lot of how you will win the car, the sum of cash or the trip to Macau and its all for free, you just have to listen.

Now, at the reception at their office, you can really feel that you are a winner. People are cheering for you, congratulating you with a handshake every now and then – that is really convincing right? or maybe not for some. They asked for my name and checked my ATM and Credit Cards to some sort of making sure I have a credit card. They let me wait for few more seconds, called my name and let me go inside for the explanation/introduction or whatever they call it for the said promo and the company, then they promised me that it would just only take 45 minutes of my time. So, another person accommodated me with that and they are really very friendly all the time while they were talking to me. Congratulating me on my good responses with handshakes every now and then, I think I have like almost 50 handshakes on the same person during that time.

Gosh! I didn’t know about how much time I already spent during that company introduction because from introduction, they will proceed to asking about yourself, your financial status, your bank savings, your work and everything about you. The conversation seems endless. Later on they will start asking you about saving for your future, and how you will do it. Then introduce their system of savings the ENDOWMENT SAVINGS and all. So, the winning of the promo has been out of the picture and the focus now is on how you will commit to do savings with them. By the way I am talking about PPLIC – Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., Inc.

Well, I already have my own savings at my trustee bank, so I am not convinced to transfer my savings to their system, In the middle of the conversation I already decided not to commit with them even though they didn’t asked me yet. But I am not a fool they think I am, so I just keep on listening and just playing with them. They’ve been promising me that if I have my savings with them, I can also benefit with their insurance products. I know, it is an Insurance company but why would they just introduce me with their money savings system and not the selling of their insurance products? With that I already know how to play the game, I started to answer sarcastically and was already decided not to entertain whatever promises they will throw at me so they couldn’t convinced me more.

I tried to be respectful to say no to them, but they just keep on convincing you to say yes, I keep on telling them no, that I will not decide abruptly with what they offer to me now. I told them that I want to think about it first before I decide. But then they told me that it was just a one time offer and I cannot avail it on another time, so they really need me to decide yes right away. I just said it’s ok, since I already have my savings at the bank. But then they keep on asking me how about the student option and other whatever options, I still said no, because for me it’s not something I need to decide right away. Then they started telling me about faith, that I was there because God has planned it to happen and things like that. I was thinking that time that these people are so pathetic that they will do anything just to sell insurance to me. They will SCAM people to buy insurance on their company. They really are SCAMMERS!

Later on, since they cannot convince me anymore, they tried to play mind game on me. They already have some information about me, so they dig some issues about me, they also commented on my financial status. Gosh, I have been laughing inside how pathetic they are that they come to this option by trying to destroy me so I can say yes to them. But fuck them! I still say no, no and no. Four people came to me trying to convince me but it is still a failure for them. Another one even asked me to just spread about them in a positive way, and I told her “yes, I will spread this experience since I am a blogger, I can blog about this”. Suddenly she stopped for awhile and murmuring about blogging and I am just nodding even if I can’t pick up what she was murmuring about blogging. I know she was already threatened by that.

I was waiting for them to let me go. I wanted them to let me exit their own way, like telling me “Sir, thank you for your time and Blah! Blah! Blah!” but that’s not what happened, they said that I still have to wait because they have this exit process. So I waited for another minutes. The person who interviewed me went to another table and talk with her team leader or whoever that was and another person approached me to just talk more about what I was told about by the first person but I just told him “yeah, I already heard those from the girl.” But I saw that there’s nothing happened and that some people they brought in late than me are already gone, I stood up and told them that I really have to go, and then again they insisted that I should go back and sit for more minutes because they really have the process for exiting. Pissed off, I took my camera and started taking pictures at their office and the people around. Then they panicked and asked me to stop because it’s not permitted to take pictures inside. And I yelled at them, “So, what!!? You don’t want me to go, so I will just take some photos of you and your office and I will post this on the internet!” Then walked straight to the exit and they even asked me to delete those photos. Of course I didn’t erase them and didn’t let them have my camera for them to delete it. They followed me inside the elevator and tried to give me a gift or giveaways but I didn’t accept it, she insisted that I should have it. So, I took it and just put it on the floor and left the elevator. I even told them you better look for another job because that is not a right job, SCAMMERS!

So, beware dear readers… these people are deceitful and promised prizes that you will surely cannot win because their very reason was just to sell insurances to you in shameless way.

Remember the company is PPLIC – Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., Inc. Take note of that. I am not against insurance companies but the way this PPLIC sell their insurance products are like predators. They will trap you in whatever way they can just to let you buy insurance to them.

Please pass this to your friends and friend’s friend so they won’t fall prey on these shameless scammer vultures!

You can also check some of these blogs who also rants about their experience with the vulture agents of PPLIC – Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., Inc.:
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PPLIC Goes To A New Low
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Here are the photos: (sorry medyo blurry kay ga kurog na ko sa kaulit ana)


PPLIC Goes To A New Low

A rant I once wrote about the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Corporation (PPLIC) was all directed at how unscrupulous their agents have been in selling insurance. Not only have they become aggressive, they’ve become deceitful. The purpose of this rant is for PPLIC people to please police their agents and stick to “white hat” tactics. There is no debate about life insurance being an important thing to have. I personally believe in investing in life insurance. My whole family is insured under Philam and despite their problems with the AIG fiasco, I sleep soundly at night knowing that Philam Life will take care of my family in case I die before my time. I’m sure PPLIC aims to do the same for their customers, but your methods of selling it is really despicable. And when someone like me rants about it in my blog, these are the kind of comments that I get from YOUR PEOPLE.





All from the same IP address sent on August 6, between 10:19 am to 11:15 am.

This says a lot about how things work in your organization. It is reflective of what your vision and mission is based on. If you at PPLIC just wanted to silence me, all you could have done was write me an apology email saying you promise to mend your ways and I could have posted it here for you. A simple email that explained why your agents have become deceitful and have promised prizes and all just to compel them to buy insurance.

There is such a thing as soft sell and that is usually more effective than what PPLIC agents are doing now. You might want to look in on that. Because of the subtlety of soft sell, my whole family got ALL their insurance needs from Philam Life. And we were spending load to call the agent. Their insurance plans sell themselves, as it is also with other reputable insurance companies like Sunlife, Insular Life, Ayala Life, etc.

To PPLIC people, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME SPAMMING MY INBOX! You have a lot of brainstorming and LEGITIMATE SELLING to do.


SEC revokes license to sell pre-need plans of Prudential Life Philippines

April 21st, 2009

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Fe Barin told the senate hearing Monday that it had prohibited Prudentialife Plans Inc. from selling new pre-need plans since April 16 for failing to comply with the Commission’s trust fund and capital requirements.

According to Barin, Prudentialife failed to present an acceptable proposal to address its capital and trust fund deficiencies. “Kaya nagdesisyon po ang commission noong Biyernes na hangga’t hindi nyo nakukumpleto, natutugunan ang pangangailangan, suspendido ang inyong lisensysa, ang dealer’s license” she said.

The company, however, said they would continue to service and honor their obligations to current clients. “..we will continue to operate as a servicing pre-need company and pay plan benefits of our planholders as warranted,” said Prudential Life Plans president Jose Alberto Alba.


For the above-mentioned sites, thank you for those articles.

As for my POV, lemme' analyze these articles and I will write my novel-long POV later.

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